Constitution 101

The Constitution of India sets up the powers of the central and state governments and outlines their various functions in about 145,000 words. It is (understandably) a daunting prospect to sift through all of this information, so we’ve done it for you! We have created a comprehensive overview of India’s system of government that is easy to understand. Whatever civics topic you’re looking to understand, from how the Prime Minister is chosen to how the states interact with the centre, look no further! Our civics outlines will teach you everything you need to know.

Know Your Rights

Many individual rights are protected by the Constitution of India and various civil rights laws. We have compiled handouts to help you learn what your rights are, how to use them and what to do if they are violated. We cover topics such as: what to do when stopped by the police, refugee rights, transgender rights, protester’s rights and many more.